Crewe & District Writers' Circle
The Story so far....

Crewe and District Writers' Circle was formed when a group of students, who had completed a writing course, decided to keep their interest going by meeting at regular intervals. The very first meeting took place on 14th January 1964 and it was in September of that year that a committee was formed and the circle became fully organised.

In 1966 the first Short Story Competition was launched and all the entrants were invited to an event where the prizes were awarded to the winners. This event proved so successful that it swelled the membership significantly.
Over the years there have been many events, including radio broadcasts with BBC Radio Stoke, guest speakers, competitions for short stories and poetry, and open nights. In 2012 The Circle hosted an event as part of The Nantwich Festival of Music and Words where we held a morning session entitled "Poetry and Prose at the Museum" in Nantwich Museum with members and guest poets reading their work. This event was hugely successful and by the end quite a lot of people were standing at the back because the museum had run out of chairs.

Since 1966 members have enjoyed relaxed and informal meetings in the comfort of the home of the Circle's chairperson, Mrs Waltraud Field. Recently we have relocated to a meeting room in Audlem, where our chairperson currently resides. Though membership has swelled and diminished periodically numbers are currently buoyant. The Circle continues to meet every month and new members are always welcome.

We offer the opportunity for writers to share their work with other like-minded authors in a friendly and supportive environment, an opportunity to share experiences and knowledge, and to celebrate each other's successes. We have now produced our own booklet of members' work which was launched on 23 September at the Nantwich Bookshop.

The Circle acknowledged with sadness the sudden passing of Tom Field in July 2015.

In 2016 the Circle published its own anthology of poetry and short fiction.Our book, "Word Weavers", is now on sale and copies can be obtained by emailing the group at: - all proceeds raised by the pamphlet will enable the Writers’ Circle to continue to organise future events and activities to support writers.​​


​​​​2016 has been a wonderfully successful year for our members. Here's to continuing success in 2017!

Steven Goodwin's poems "Birth" and "The Sun" were broadcast on Mark Sheeky's programme "Arts Lab" on Redshift Radio. Trixi Field's piano piece "Damselflies", a movement from her piano Suite "Songs of the Meres" was also broadcast on "Arts Lab" as was Helen Kay's poem "Hammock".  The circle has been enjoying significant airtime on "Arts Lab" in recent months.  Trixi Field has been invited for an interview in February.

We look forward to adding more news of our members' successes month by month, following the circle's monthly meetings.
Love writing? Want to meet like-minded people?
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Regular meetings of the circle take place in Nantwich on the second Tuesday of each month. If you are a budding writer or indeed, a published writer, and are interested in joining us, or would like to know more about the circle please contact us: